Trip on the Moselle

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The adventure !

What a mood during the boat tour with the LCGB-RTL section on June 18.
We didn't expect that. We got on board, a rather easy step for most of us, but some had to walk on their crutches to make it to the boat. Entertained with good music and singing, we reached the luxembourgish-french border, where, after an abundant buffet, we waited for the St John's fire to come.
The huge fire ball that came down the hill impressed all of us, and this was only the prelude to tremendous fireworks.
All boats were fastened at the quai of Sierck to allow us passengers to watch the work of the pyrotechnicians. A fantastic show !

Around midnight, time had come to head back to Remich, and the boat took its way downstream in a nearly complete darkness. Just now and then the lights of some nightly villages along the Moselle banks passed by. The atmosphere on board was at its top when suddenly, after a dodge manoeuvre by the captain, a slight lateral bump shook the boat.
A tug on its way up the river had touched our ship, some glasses broke into pieces. Luckily, nothing very bad !
Enough time to check if everyone was OK, and we had reached Remich, could gain terra firma, and recover from all the evening's emotions.

Big thanks to all the participants for the nice and pleasant evening that we could spend together, and especially to Mario who insisted to be with us despite his broken foot.

The LCGB-RTL comittee

Our group on the boat